Techbrahma is an annual technical event held at Velammal Institute Of Technology. We have been successfully hosting this event every year to create a platform for the geeks to show off their techinical skills. some of the benefits are listed below.

National Level Exposure

A larva can never become a butterfly unless and untill it breaks out of its cocoon, in a similar fashion, a geek will never know how good he is unless and untill he competes with other like minded people. To make that possible, we are organizing Techbrahma.


At Techbrahma we not only recognize your projects, but we also reward your projects with cash prize. Yes you read that right, now you can party after winning the event with your cash prizes worth ₹50,000.


Techbrahma is not only about competing at national level and winning contests, but it is also about having fun. Meet the like minded geeks through Techbrahma, who share interesting ideas like you, have a good time here.


Check out the TECHBRAHMA Events.

All the geeks who are going through this website now, take a look at the Events which will be held on Techbrahma, and prepare yourselves before reaching.

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Accelerate technology transfer to industry and develop innovations in application of emerging Technology through high quality technical education and work force training.

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