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R&D Cell


To encourage research activities among students and faculty members, as well as to provide a strong platform for exchanging/technology transfer and implementing unique and creative ideas for the socioeconomic development of society through the use of Science, Engineering, and Technology.


To promote, develop, and facilitate research and development through implementing cutting-edge research in collaboration with government funding agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and the Private Sectors.


  • To establish an R&D culture at the Institute by promoting research awareness among teachers and students;
  • To provide a platform for sharing available research facilities.
  • To improve researcher collaboration for multidisciplinary research.
  • To promote Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with various industries, R&D organizations, and funding agencies that offer financing for research activities.
  • To monitor the success of the Institution’s researches, programmes, and projects.
  • To establish research thrust areas, promote research, evaluate, and disseminate research results.
  • Create a micro project environment that can be converted into in-house projects. Also to promote product development through in house projects which can be applied for funding agencies.
  • To establish approved R&D Center for all programmes.

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