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Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement

Soft skills

All the graduates, especially Engineering Graduates,need soft skills to get hired in reputed Engineering companies and stay employed there. To develop good relations with fellow human beings and to be respected by others in the society, it is necessary to develop their soft skills. Job and Higher Studies Motivation, Time Management, Leadership Quality, Character, Good Attitude and Open-mindedness are the soft skills to be developed. So it is better and mandatory for the students to develop their soft skills during their college days. Velammal Institute of Technology conducts several soft skill programs every year to make our students more efficient and competitive in the corporate world.

.        Effective communication in work place

.        Aptitude and logical reasoning

.        Road map to job success

.        Collective problem solving, group discussion

Language and communication skills

Speaking and writing without grammatical errors are important skills required to get placed in reputed IT and other Engineering companies. Out of them,Communication skill is the first and the most important skill to be developed.Communication skill means not just talking in English; it is the medium in which we communicate the messages to our superiors, coordinates and subordinates effectively and efficiently.First, during the conversation, the students must carefully notice what he/she is talking about, after that they can start their conversation.  Similarly, they should   know how to write letters, contents, articles without grammar mistakes. Written messages will become a document / record in future so writing skills are very much important. They should read letters, articles and messages within a stipulated time and should not take much time to read. Velammal Institute of Technology provides lots of opportunities for our students to improve their communication skills through several programs conducted every year. We always advise the students to talk in English inside the college campus.

.         Training program on “skills to rack British council  English exam

.         How to Excel in group discussion and personal interview

.         Training on core subjects, GD and Mock interview

.         Seminar on interview tips and techniques for placement

Life skills

Life skills are required to live our day to day life peacefully. Life skills are the basic skills that help people to face the daily issues and problems. They can help people to develop self-confidence, deal with challenges, and contribute positively to society. They are generally applied in the context of improving health and participating in social events. Programs like Yoga, Physical fitness awareness etc. are conducted every year in our college to help our students to overcome stress and improve their concentration levels.

.         Physical fitness in a student’s life

.         Yoga for physical and mental health well being

.         First aid and emergency preparedness

.         Methods of avoiding Food adulteration

ICT / Computing skills

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills, also known as computing skills are the abilities and competencies needed to use computer software, computer languages and related technologies effectively. Velammal Institute of Technology works towards enabling the students with the modern ICT tools and making them experienced in using these tools effectively. These skills can range from basic computer literacy to more advanced technical knowledge. Students should update their skills in the latest technologies. In order to cater the needs of our students, every year we are conducting more ICT /Computing programs.

.         Introduction to IoT for beginners

.         Training program on  Lab view

.         Comprehensive training in C and C++ ( Basic to Advanced)

.         Workshop on big data processing in Cloud computing


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